October 04, 2008

I agree with Chris Huhne

While I certainly do not agree with what he said I certainly beleive that it is important for a free society that he be allowed to say it. The use of the EU arrest warrant to stifle free speech and bring all the EU members down to the lowest common denominator of censorship is just wrong and for once I agree with Chris Huhne on this.

While stressing that he was completely opposed to anti-semitism, Mr Huhne said: "We don't in this country tend to prosecute people for issues that we regard as issues of freedom of speech."

Chris Huhne is exactly right, holocaust denial is not a crime in the UK. We do not have any rules about making a fool of yourself in this way. If somebody wants to try and deny the incontrovertible truth of the industrialised murder of eleven million people (six million of whom where Jews) then they should be perfectly at liberty to speak their peace, just as we should be at liberty to ignore or point and laugh at the idiot. Freedom of speech is too important a liberty to be meddled with, even if it is sometimes used to propagate views that are false and unpleasant.


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